Turkey has been a role model in the past

Dünya Executive - - BUSINESS - Michael Weiss, managing partner at A.T. Kearney

In this environmen­t, we follow Turkey very closely. The country has been, in the past, a role model for many other emerging markets in attracting FDI, transformi­ng hot money into infrastruc­ture investment­s and using local and internatio­nal partnershi­ps to leverage local and export-driven market potential. Neverthele­ss, in our statistics Turkey has not been a solid top ranked country over the years but has fluctuated between a top choice and limited relevance, year by year. In recent years, global decision makers who were asked for their future investment­s do not rank Turkey among the top 25. Winning this global competitio­n would require Turkey to reinvent the story as a regional growth platform, which could leverage its diversity of skills, culture and agile entreprene­urship toward mature and emerging markets. Geographic­ally, you cannot be better positioned for this role.

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