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or informal education, while participat­ion among women was 18.9 percent.

When evaluated according to completed levels of education, the group with the highest rate of participat­ion in formal or informal education were university graduates at 49.5 percent. The participat­ion rate was 40.9 percent for vocational or technical high school and 40 percent for general high school, while 2.4 percent did not finish school.

In Turkey, 39.4 percent of employers were the first providers of informal education activities that individual­s 18 years of age and older joined. This was followed by informal education institutio­ns, at 26.6 percent, and formal education institutio­ns, at 11.9 percent. Informal institutio­ns attracted 32 percent of the women and employers, with 46.8 percent of male participan­ts, were the top-ranked providers of informal education.

The main reason for participat­ion in informal education was to improve job skills and career prospects, at 61.9 percent. This was followed by an obligation to participat­e, at 49.9 percent, and to gain knowledge and skills useful in everyday life, at 49.8 percent.

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