Is the target Erdogan, not Qatar?

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - HURRIYET June 7 AKIF BEKI

“The main target is Erdogan” chorus is on the go with full force. As soon as the Saudi Kingdom, the Gulf Emirates, and Egypt blockaded Qatar, the story of ‘The bells tolls for Turkey’ began. Supposedly the aim is to undermine Erdogan: after they are done with Qatar the arrows will be supposedly returned to Turkey... ...Conspiracy theorist friend! Qatari emir Al Thani is not even the target himself, why is Erdogan the target of the siege in Qatar? ...Is there anyone who has not heard about it: The target is the Muslim Brotherhoo­d. And the battle is all about whether the Muslim Brotherhoo­d should be designated as a terrorist organizati­on or not. ‘Qatar without Al Thani, Turkey without Erdogan’ project does not make any sense, at all. ...It is true that there is a project but it is a Middle East project which excludes the Muslim Brotherhoo­d. If you are going to establish a link with Turkey and the AK Party in any case, set it from this point. And say that “The goal is a Qatar without Muslim Brotherhoo­d, then start a Turkey without Muslim Brotherhoo­d project.”

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