Minority government possible

Dünya Executive - - REPORT - Brian Hilliard, chief strategist, S. Generale

The Conservati­ves have lost their overall majority (326 needed) but remain the largest party. This is a stunningly bad result for the prime minister and there will be intense speculatio­n that she will be forced to step down as leader. The balance of seats looks likely to convince the Conservati­ves that they should try to soldier on with a minority government. This will require the support of some of the small parties with the most likely ones being the Northern Ireland’s DUP. If that is the case, then the key issue likely to be discussed by those parties is the deal that the Conservati­ves can strike with the European Union on the border of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. The approach used by minority British government­s is to use confidence and supply. That means trying to gain enough support to win confidence votes in parliament and to push through its key legislatio­n.

(June 9)

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