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The number of Syrians living in Turkey is around 3 million, according to official records. This figure is more than the population of many countries in Europe. The number of immigrant and refugee students currently enrolled in primary education in Turkey is more than 500,000. In comparison, the number of students in primary education in Finland is around 370,000. A research study by Xsights on Syrian immigrants, which make up around 4% of Turkey’s population, reveals some remarkable data. The living conditions of the Syrians residing outside the camps in Turkey, the daily difficulti­es they face and their plans for their future were examined in the study. The results are as follows:

X20% of the Syrians who live outside the camps in Turkey had no family members in their country. However, 32% had a relative in countries outside of Turkey

X79% of the Syrians living outside the camps experience­d language problems every day

X75% had difficulti­es in finding accommodat­ion and/or housing

X82% faced difficulti­es in finding jobs

XOnly 14% said they are aware of their rights, and 26% felt integrated in Turkey, though Syrian beneficiar­ies of public services felt more integrated

XWhile 73% of the Syrians living outside the camps felt safe, 38% said they were satisfied with living in Turkey.

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