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which means they have a BMI of 25 to 30.

Alev Keser, associate professor of nutrition and diabetics at Ankara University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, told Anadolu Agency that the discrepanc­y between men and women had to do with the higher levels of estrogen hormone in women. “Compared to men, women have higher levels of estrogen, and more fat tissue. On the other hand, men have more muscular tissue which increases energy consumptio­n as it boosts [the] basal metabolic rate,” Keser said.

Keser said that since in general men work more than women, and women tend to be more at home, this may in turn cause women to move less and consume more food than men. Keser also noted the technologi­cal developmen­ts in agricultur­e and industry which led to an increase in the production of foods with high levels of saturated fat, sugar and salt.

“Easy access to this kind of unhealthy food and reduced physical activity leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, which in turns leads to obesity,” she said. Keser underlined that obesity had become a critical health problem that could be prevented by embracing a healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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