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A boost in visitor numbers, which turned the negative indicators of the first quarter of 2017 positive in April, have increased hopes for a revived tourism sector for the rest of 2017. The number of tourists coming to Turkey in April increased by 18.1% compared to April 2016. As May figures have not yet been announced, the tourism industry expects an increase of around 20%. Israeli tourist bookings are also increasing while the aborted crisis with Russia has eased fears among coastal cities. The decline in the number of European tourists is expected to turn positive in July, August and September. This is especially due to high demand, while the increase in prices in Spain and Greece indicate that European tourists may prefer Turkey in last-minute sales. Recent terrorist attacks in the European capitals show that security issues are not specific to Turkey. Tourism profession­als believe Turkey’s tourism will return to factory settings in 2018 barring extraordin­ary developmen­ts and predict 2019 to be a breakthrou­gh year.

Russians and Israelis revive Antalyan tourism market

According to the daily newspaper DUNYA, there was a 30% year-on-year increase in visitors to Antalya in the first five months of 2017. A total of 1,911,994 tourists visited Antalya during the January-May period, with the number of Russian tourists to the whole of Turkey increasing by 5,135 in May. The number of Russian tourists who visited Antalya in January-May was 691,484. The number of Ukrainian tourists increased by 53% to 136,399, while there were also significan­t increases in the number of Israeli visitors. Israeli tourists reached 45,579, reflecting a 19% increase. However, there was a sharp decline in European visitors, where Turkey is the strongest in the tourism market. The number of German tourists coming to Antalya in the first five months of the year decreased by 35% year-on-year, falling to 376,212. The decline was not only from Germany, but also the Netherland­s, England, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerlan­d, Norway, France and Austria.

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