Right to criticism, right to defend, rightful share

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June 13


A person from Ankara speaks at a fast-breaking dinner. “Anyone a little bit critical is excommunic­ated. When people mention their constructi­ve criticism for the better, they say: ‘No, you have no right to criticize,’ or ‘You are Gulenist’. ...We are being isolated and marginaliz­ed. That’s why everyone is so afraid and silent. What is going on, for God’s sake? Who do lynch mobs take courage from? Why are they not stopped?” ...People lost confidence in each other. The best way is to stay silent, take no risks, never speak… This is the solution that many people prefer. But a friend who tells the truth is a blessing. ...The greatest danger for a society is loosing its faith in justice. Whatever happens, you have to give people the right to defend themselves. People who have been under arrest for months have not yet been taken to court. We need to speed up. They may be released if their case is looked at. …Being unfair is the first step on the path of corruption. It is so dangerous to pass that critical threshold. The right of the individual means the right of society. Being unfair regarding this corrupts society. It is the only sin that cannot be forgiven.

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