Prysmian Group Turkey exports high-level executives from Bursa


Manufactur­ing in 82 facilities within 50 countries and with 30,000 employers worldwide, Prysmian Group is the cable industry leader and its Bursa manufactur­ing facility one of the largest three factories within the group.

Besides cable manufactur­ing, the factory located in Mudanya determines the highest management of the group with the staff it trains within the group’s academy. “We don’t only produce cables. It’s a cable school here,” says Prysmian Group Turkey CEO Erkan Aydogdu. “We also train the production managers and facility managers of a world leading enterprise.”

A total of 111 employers were trained last year, with 120 employers being trained in 2017. There are mid- and high-level executives among the trainees who are set to play a part in the company’s future. Many executives who now serve as high-level executives around the world within Prysmian Group started working at the Bur- sa factory. Just like Aydogdu, who started working at the Prysmian Bursa factory in 1997 when it was Siemens, the most important region for the group, Prysmian America, also has a Turkish CEO who is in charge of 13 facilities in the US. Besides him, many factory managers in several countries are former Bursa employers. The general director responsibl­e for manufactur­ing in Asia is also Turkish. In addition, the Eastern Europe investment director is also Turkish. In fact, 13 Turks serve as high-level executives within Prysmian Group worldwide.

“We send many of our colleagues to facilities abroad for given periods. Actually it’s our mission,” says Aydogdu. “We have a motivating role for other factories. We may be good at one thing, but it’s not enough. We seek to be the best and force this.” All employers within the group are assessed through a common system in terms of KPIs and behaviors. The system is called “Prysmian, People, Performanc­e (P3) and “Prysmian, People, Performanc­e, Potential (P4)”

“We wrote a success story still resonating within the group”

Asked why the group chose Turkey and Bursa especially, Aydogdu notes: “Some characteri­stics of Turkish people turn into valuable raw materials when processed correctly. For instance having a quick mind, being result-oriented or flexible, etc. Prysmian Group became a part of the standardiz­ation system of SAP in 2007 known as ‘One Client’. In the countries first adapting the system, deliveries couldn’t be made for two to three months. But we started our deliveries only two days after adapting the system. So we wrote a success story still resonating within the whole group…”

Aydogdu continues: “To meet the incrementa­l demand in fiber optic cable and to ease off the current production line there had to be an investment made.” He noted that it was impossible to shut down the whole production during the 30-40 days of the investment process. They were told whether or not to make the investment or do it by shutting down the production. Aydogdu states that they founded a team of 22 employers and planned what needed to be done. “We started in the afternoon on 30 December. We put the system in use on the night of 31 December. We were all here on New Year’s Eve and ate dinner together. The next day we informed Italy that we had completed the investment. We became a model with our pace. We have plenty of such examples,” boasts Aydogdu.

“As in the Draka example, there may be new acquisitio­ns”

Prysmian Group Turkey started to meet the demand from Turkey’s energy and telecommun­ications sectors with the factory establishe­d in Mudanya by Siemens in 1964. The company became part of the Pirelli family along with many other Siemens Cable enterprise­s in 1999. As a result of a share transfer in 2005, the factory started operating under the name Prysmian. Then, after merging with Draka in 2011, Prysmian was named Prysmian Group globally. Aydogdu signals that there may be new acquisitio­ns such as the Draka example. Stating that there are difference­s between the strong sides of both Prysmian and Draka, Aydogdu says: “The merger of these two groups blended their fund of knowledge. Our company doesn’t acquire companies simply to acquire them. As in the Draka example, it aims to build the right partnershi­p at the right time. There may be new acquisitio­ns.”

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