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8.9 percent to about 28 million. Interest in foreign films fell by 3.7 percent to about 26 million.

Turkish films rose by 5.3 percent

The cinema industry responded to the drop in sales by building more movie theaters, which rose by 5.4 to 2,483 across the country. Seat numbers increased accordingl­y by 3.3 percent to 307,456. The number of films on offer also increased, rising 8.7 percent to reach 53,443 screenings. The number of Turkish films rose by 5.3 percent while foreign films increased by 11.4 percent.

7 provinces with no movie house

There were seven provinces with no movie house in 2016, including Ardahan, Bayburt, Gumushane, Hakkari, Sinop, Sirnak and Tunceli. The number of live performanc­es at theaters during the 2015-2016 season rose 13.8 percent, reaching a total of 7,766 people. However, the number of theaters and seats did not see a marked increase, from

0.3 percent and a 1.1 percent, respective­ly. There were 721 theaters dedicated to live performanc­es in Turkey with a total seat capacity of 261,885.

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