If religion is lost

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If Turkey were to fall, we would be worse than Syria and there will be no use crying over spilled milk. There is no immediate danger of this. I believe that the convulsion and the awakening following the July 15 (coup attempt) will upend these games. This convulsion can allow us to discard the dead soil and ashes from hell that had settled upon us. Let’s admit this first: We are the product of oppression. The disasters that have befallen us are not the result of the devil and our enemies’ trickeries, but are the result of our naivete and our mistakes … Let’s look first at how we arrived here. We did correct and good things, we also made mistakes. The February 28 (1998 military interventi­on) wrought persecutio­n, and we resisted. But now we are spoiled with power and wealth. Our power and wealth has taken priority over our intelligen­ce and faith. Abandoning patience and gratitude, we have begun to quarrel over worldly possession­s and positions. We are rapidly secularizi­ng … Wealth and power are transforma­tive. We wanted to use this power to transform society and the state in line with our own faith, history and tradition. Yet this power has instead transforme­d those who possess it. Unwittingl­y, we are changing.

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