When the Arabic media attacks

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -


June 28


I have previously pointed out the various changes in the Western media’s view of Turkey. Before the constituti­onal referendum, that sort of coverage existed, but Turkey and those who run the country have since been the subject of increasing­ly severe criticism … Now we have negative coverage of Turkey in the Arabic media. The West’s attitude can be disregarde­d up to a point, but what do we do with the attitude of the front, led by Saudi Arabia and which includes a country like Egypt with its active intellectu­al life, with its hurtful coverage? The government’s work is not easy. When they respond to the West and its critical media coverage, the AK Party spokesmen do not struggle to turn the situation into a useful tool. But when similar criticism comes from the Islamic and Arabic world, they are speechless, because it is not an oft-encountere­d situation … Let me remind you that Turkey is not a country that is used to being unloved.

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