Zemana seeks to bring its software to the U.S.

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Software firm Zemana Bilisim exports its security programs that protects passwords in personal computers from hackers to 135 countries. Establishe­d in 2007 in Turkey by three founders, Zemana later moved to Bulgaria in 2009 and to Bosnia and Herzegovin­a in 2015.

Due to security reasons, it moved its headquarte­rs to Bulgaria, Chief Executive Orhan Akyurek said, without elaboratin­g. A year after moving to Bosnia and Herzegovin­a, it began exporting to 135 countries including the United States. The company now aims to penetrate the corporate antivirus market and has accelerate­d its marketing activities.

Zemana employs experts on combating ID and financial theft, and its software has been suc- cessful against the global WannaCry ransomware attack in May, Akyurek said. That attack did not affect computers with Zemana antivirus software, he said, and noted that the bank passwords saved in those computers were safe from the attack.

The company offers products for personal use, in addition to corporate antivirus software that it sells to financial and military institutio­ns, as well as telecommun­ications companies.

CIA infiltrati­on attempt prevented

Documents posted by the WikiLeaks website showed that the U.S. Central Intelligen­ce Agency had penetrated computers and conducted surveillan­ce easily, Akyurek said, adding that Zemana software has the ability to prevent such attacks.

An office in Silicon Valley

Zemana plans to establish an office in Silicon Valley next year and has signed a contract to supply software to a U.S.-based company that would market it there, Akyurek said.

The global perception that Turkish software companies are not good enough is wrong, he said, adding more support for domestic computer-security-software exporters was needed.

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