Illuminati ‘trap’


When you look at headlines like “See who is walking side by side,” you see that Ahmet Turk of the People’s’ Democratic Party (HDP), who has even won the sympathies of Nationalis­t Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli, is walking with Kilicdarog­lu. Then you hear the “wake-up signal:” “Help, we are losing the struggle, the homeland is under imperialis­t attack, they walk because global imperial forces want them to.” You see that a nationalis­t from the former military tutelage looks like “a man with a cause,” who has no other issue than himself. A friend told me in amazement that he had run across a “justice march” in the middle of Lisbon. PKK-sympathizi­ng Kurds, runaway “white Turks,” prisonbrea­king FETO members were all there. “That would never happen in a thousand years. Could it be spontaneou­s?” he said. The old order fell into this trap. Rather than looking at themselves, they hide behind apologies such as, “These are all boogie monsters (or) it is an Illuminati job.” This trend carried the AK Party to power … However, what a resistant virus. That poisonous nationalis­m, which helped cause the repressive mindset and political tutelage to lose out, is now trying to infect the AK Party from within. The day they fall into The Illuminati trap is the day that the infection has spread throughout the system.

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