European court accepts first case against referendum


Kilicdarog­lu signed the applicatio­n to the European Court of Human Rights on the April 16 constituti­onal referendum. On April 20, four days after the referendum, former CHP MP Atilla Kart visited Kilicdarog­lu and said: “The decision of the Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) on April 16, at 4:10 p.m., that the unsealed votes and envelopes are valid, is an administra­tive act that is contrary to both its own circular and Law No. 298, which sets out the basic provisions of elections. Let’s sue against it.” Kilicdarog­lu gave Kart the mandate to initiate a lawsuit on behalf of the CHP. The European court informs him that his applicatio­n was admitted on Tuesday. Admission is the first stage. Following a legal review, if the court finds out that its convention on human rights was violated on the legal grounds summarized above, there will be a festival in Turkey. How? So far, two concrete results of the referendum have been implemente­d. One: A president who is a member of a party. And two: a new board of judges and prosecutor­s. If a violation is found, both will be legally invalid, according to the convention. What about the rest of the referendum? We are not there yet.

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