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There is an obstacle in decipherin­g the July 15 coup attempt and the effort of the Gulenist congregati­on to seize the state. It is the debate over from which date the congregati­on will be regarded as a criminal organizati­on. …The government is trying to determine December 17-25 as a milestone. However, “the date an illegal act was committed” is not a concept to be determined by politician­s. This is the jurisdicti­on’s job. It is doubtful how healthy the legal determinat­ion is if the judiciary is totally in the power of the government. The General Staff and the National Security Organizati­on (MIT) had presented a detailed report on the activities of the congregati­on at the 2004 National Security Council (MGK). Then the MGK had proposed an action plan against the congregati­on to the government. We now know that this decision was swept under the carpet by Omer Dincer, prime minister undersecre­tary at the time, at Mr. Erdogan’s instructio­n. ...Now the ruling party is trying to punish and reshape the Republican People’s Party (CHP) by arresting Enis Berberoglu, vice president of the party. No one can claim that they are fighting the July 15 mentality without accounting legally and politicall­y before the public about the active support provided to the congregati­on by the authoritie­s for years.

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