Has the state consumed its human resources?


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The issue will surely come back onto the agenda after the Cabinet reshuffle. New ministers will want to set up their new staff, new teams, and then they will say: “There is no proper man.” Is this true? I do not think so. This has been talked about for a long time. Seriously, there are serious problems in institutio­ns. There are few people who produce jobs, projects, generate ideas, make expansion and take initiative. ...Our problem, because Turkey has educated human resources and statesmen, is that we do not employ people according to their qualificat­ion and competency. ... These people worked during the first years of the AK Party and were very successful, proved themselves and are highly skilled. ...Why are these people kept idle while the institutio­ns of the state are suffering so much? Because these people are labeled as “supporters of x or y” and removed from practice. ...The interestin­g thing is that this is one of the arguments the Gulenist terrorist organizati­on (FETO) also uses. They say: “Since the Gulenists were eliminated from government positions, serious disturbanc­es have been experience­d in the administra­tion of the state.” Unfortunat­ely, Ankara is doing everything that feeds this propaganda.

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