The struggle against climate change shows love for one’s country


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

...Rain is referred to as a blessing in our culture. ...That day the rain turned into a monster, which cannot be the subject of romanticis­m, but “gothic literature” maybe. The mother and the father of the monster were definite: human beings. ...Environmen­talist policy proposals, and even the love of nature, have been devilized through “Gezi protests” and taken as “treason.” But the events that have been taking place are so synchronou­s with physical data that anticipati­ons of danger can’t be ignored. Loyalty to a country is not just about being a supporter of modern politics. You have to love your country’s wind, flowers, greenery and earth and defend them all. Because you don’t only loose land through occupation and political division, you can also loose it through erosion, floods and hurricanes.

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