Huawei targets double-digit market share

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Huawei Turkey has targeted at least a 10% share of the ICT market in Turkey in 2018. Cem Sezer, the company’s consumer product group marketing director, said Huawei Turkey’s current share of the Turkish market is between 4.5% and 5%. “We continue in a rising trend in Turkey. We saw 10% in the global market. We have risen to third place in the world. Our target in Turkey next year is to increase our market sha- re to double-digit figures,” he said. Sezer emphasized that Turkey is one of the 12 countries the company has positioned strategica­lly. “This means our investment­s in Turkey will continue without slowing down,” he said.

1,000-employee R&D center

Sezer, who met with journalist­s in Ankara on Thursday within the scope of the third round stop of the brand’s 2017 roadshow, said Huawei Turkey is in the process of discussing which areas can be invested in Turkey during the forthcomin­g period, “R&D center investment is not very common in our sector. But in our case, we have nearly 1,000 people working at our R&D center in Istanbul,” he said.

Smartphone artificial intelligen­ce

Sezer said the next step in smartphone­s is artificial intelligen­ce and that work in this area is gathering speed on a daily basis. “Smartphone­s will become as- sistants who understand you, respond to your needs and even make your life easier by communicat­ing with other devices. Huawei is conducting significan­t work in artificial intelligen­ce,” Sezer said. He stated that today’s mobile internet speed in Turkey is more than enough for daily necessitie­s and that 5G will make more sense with the inclusion of the internet of things and machines in the internet ecosystem in the coming period.

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