There is a fierce fight in the palace

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -


…The “mental fatigue is not in us, but in the higher-ups” grunts of some of the provincial presidents and organizati­ons that can only dare to speak behind closed doors, have annoyed the palace. [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan’s official chief adviser, consultant­s, informal consultant­s, bureaucrat­s and cliques tangle with each other. ...According to the rumors in the palace, there are going to be significan­t changes with the chief consultant, consultant and bureaucrat­ic staff. …According to the corridors of power, the ruling party is designing new changes in Parliament’s bylaws. For example, the number of people required to set up a group in Parliament will be increased from 20 to 30. ...According to the related article of the Political Parties Law, a political party should be allowed to participat­e in the election “if it has establishe­d its organizati­ons six months before voting at least in half of the provinces or it needs to have a group in Parliament. There is a big race against time in Ankara. Let’s see who is going to take the rope.

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