‘SCT reduct on rel eved the sector’

Dünya Executive - - BUSINESS -

Evaluat ng the Turk sh market, BSH Turkey and Reg onal Ch ef Execut ve Norbert Kle n sa d that the Spec al Consumpt on Tax (SCT) reduct ons gave the wh te goods sector a muchneeded boost. Kle n sa d that BSH’s sales ncreased by 30% on a un t bas s and 25% on a turnover bas s compared w th the same per od last year after the SCT cut-off n February. “Last year our growth on un t base was 5%. Therefore, th s year’s growth of around 30% s a very pos t ve developmen­t. We see the SCT reduct on as an mportant dr v ng force for growth n 2017. Meanwh le, the construct on of new hous ng cont nues to keep the sector al ve. We can say that after the end of the SCT reduct on [per od], demand w ll fall back a bt, but th s s an expected s tuat on,” Kle n sa d.

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