Erdogan ‘will pressure’ banks to open credit access routes

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turk sh Pres dent Recep Tayy p Erdogan has sa d he w ll push banks to open access to cred t for nvestors and reduce the r nterest rates. “We w ll pressure the banks, espec ally state banks. We w ll pave the way for nvestors to access cred t eas ly,” Erdogan told reporters on h s way back from a tr p to Kazakhstan on wh ch several med a outlets reported on Sept. 12. Erdogan, a f erce opponent of h gh nterest rates, has frequently cr t c zed what he says are the banks’ h gh rates and called for the lenders to ease the borrow ng

process. “Pr me M n ster [B nal ] Y ld r m and I w ll speak w th the relevant banks and tell them to pull the r nterest rates down”, he added.

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