Mobile phone subscriber­s in Turkey reach 76.6 million

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The number of mob le phone subscr bers n Turkey ncreased by 4% to 76.6 m ll on n the second quarter of 2017 compared to year-onyear f gures, the Anadolu Agency, a state-run commun cat ons agency, reported on Sept.

15. Accord ng to the report released by the Informat on and Commun cat on Technolog es Author ty (BTK), there are 10.9 m ll on f xed phone subscr bers n Turkey. “Increase rate between 2016 Q2 and 2017 Q2 s 20.1%,” sa d Omer Fat h Sayan, cha rman of the BTK, n a report t tled Electron c Commun cat ons Market n Turkey. “Wh le total net sales of operators are TL 45.4 b ll on (around $13.2 b ll on) for the year 2016, they reached TL 12.5 b ll on (around $3.6 b ll on) n the second quarter of 2017,” he added.

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