What’s your company’s Industry 4.0 score?

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Bella Factory aud t method pos t on ng factor es back n the core of ndustr al pol c es, transfers the ndustr al culture of Central Europe to per pheral econom es. Prov d ng a profess onal funct on for un ons and organ zat ons, th s aud t method ensures that the work ng organ zat on be ng aud ted rece ves an ndependent and object ve aud t model based on sc ent f c models. Also prov d ng f rst-class product v ty benchmarks, the Bella Factory aud t evaluates the d g tal transforma­t ons of bus nesses that support the r Industry 4.0 processes. Th s aud t, wh ch prov des cont nuous recovery and organ zat onal nnovat on, also helps to mprove the work ng cond t ons of employees by ensur ng the correct mplementat on of

ISO standards.

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