How did the US spy on Zafer Caglayan?


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

...The US, who had arrested businessma­n Reza Zarrab and Halkbank Deputy Director General Hakan Atilla, has recently issued an arrest warrant for former minister Zafer Caglayan as wall. Our media has never questioned that for whatever the reason, but the evidence from the New York Southern District Federal Office of Procuremen­t contains virtually all ‘mysterious’ phone records. Moreover, as far as I can see, these phone records, including the leak by FETO on Dec. 17-25, are more than that. In other words, it is not only FETO but also a structure including the NSA and/or CIA had illegally spied on Caglayan, the economy minister at that time, Halkbank’s general manager Suleyman Aslan and others . ... As President Erdogan said, this indictment is not just an attack on the Republic of Turkey, but a blackmail at the same time. Because in many places of the indictment, after naming the defendants from Zarrab to Caglayan, the sentence “and other government officials” continues. So the US says, “If you do not get in line, your turn will come.” We will see.

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