US’ Kurdish plan reaches third stage


...The independen­ce referendum could be declared a national security issue at the MGK meeting. As a second step, political isolation could be applied against the [Kurdish] Regional Government. Is there a military option on the table? If you do not put a military option behind your diplomacy in the Middle East, it is seen as a paper tiger. For that reason, there is a message behind the military exercise in the border and anticipati­on of the MGK meeting for sanctions. …The third leg of the US’ three-stage Kurdish plan in the Middle East has been reached: 1) occupation, 2) civil war and chaos and 3) the establishm­ent of a Kurdish state. The first step is being taken in Iraq. It will be followed by Syria. The third place is Turkey. [ISIS] is not the only reason for the US to equip PYD-YPG with 30-times more weapons than necessary in the Raqqa operation . ... That stage begins with the referendum.

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