Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

MTP’s target for the 2018-20 per od”

►“The other requ rements for sol d growth are to boost h ghvalue-added product on, to mprove nvestment env ronment and to ncrease the corporate qual ty of the publ c sector”

►“Creat ng new jobs and prov d ng fa rer ncome d str but on are targeted n the MTP along w th f scal d sc pl ne, lower nflat on and an mproved current account balance”

►“By the end of the MTP, we a m to h ke the GDP per cap ta to over $13,000.

►“Improv ng the nvestment env ronment s our top pr or ty to f nance the country’s current account def c t”

►“We expect that the rat o of central government budget def c t to GDP w ll temporar ly ncrease to 2%”

►“The government s expect ng a progress ve mprovement n the central budget balance by ncreas ng the qual ty of budget revenue, sav ngs and eff c ency of nvestments”

►“We have st ll not reached the des red levels of unemployme­nt due to a faster ncrease n the labor force part c pat on rate”

►“Inflat on s pred cted to be 9.5% at the end of th s year, wh le t was 8.5% n 2016”

►“Tight monetary pol cy s expected unt l targeted levels have been reached.”

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