Turkey could reach $150B exports in 2017 as e-commerce shares rising fast

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

The Da ly DUNYA, our parent publ cat on, awarded exporters of Turkey n a ceremony last week. We had the chance to meet nterest ng exporters from nner Anatol a who surpr sed everyone w th the r stor es. However, further nterest ng nformat on came from DHL Turkey, wh ch has been support ng Turk sh exporters and the “Made n Turkey” brand. Dur ng the ceremony we were seated at the same d nner table as DHL execut ves and learned that e-commerce n Turkey had been exper enc ng robust growth and ncreas ng ts share of total exports. Although e-commerce exports const tute only a 10% stake of the total exports handled by DHL, they have grown 29% yearon-year. One-th rd of all e-commerce products are sent to the US. DHL Turkey, wh ch runs an export serv ce to 220 countr es and reg ons, s expect ng to ncrease ts turnover to 220 m ll on euros n 2017 from 180 m ll on euros n 2016. Exports towards countr es such as Ch le, Braz l, V etnam and Pak stan have seen a 30% ncrease, accord ng to DHL Turkey’s managers. Turkey s st ll beh nd European levels n terms of European e-commerce. In the UK, the company turns over around 1 b ll on euros, some 30% of wh ch s from e-commerce. The volume of global e-commerce has reached $300 b ll on, as the total amount traded s expected to reach $900 b ll on. Total global e-commerce act v ty s expected to reach $1 tr ll on by 2020. Turkey’s exports had reached $100 b ll on by the end of August and could see $150 b ll on by the end of the year, s nce act v ty s always boosted by the last quarter, a DHL execut ve sa d. DHL s plann ng to nvest 130 m ll on euros n a new company hub at Istanbul’s th rd a rport, to further ncrease ts 50% market share n the a r cargo bus ness n Turkey. The new fac l ty w ll also serve as a reg onal hub.

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