Will Qatar embargo work for Barzani?

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You close all the doors from air to ground on the neighborin­g people. You cut off their interactio­n with the world, nurture them by leaving them starving and thirsty. This is all about the Qatar embargo. The same model is now on the agenda for [Mesut] Barzani, who has not returned from the referendum decision . ... What if Barzani resists and some people come to help and do not tolerate the embargo? Does this blockade not flop just like in Qatar? ...Israel aspires to be Barzani’s deus ex machina. Russia is also willing to give a hand behind closed doors . ... Can we expect the US, the EU and the UN to watch these quietly? It is hard for them to be careless about Iraqi Kurdistan being turned into an open-air prison, leaving the people starving to death . ... Ankara noted yesterday that the Kurdish Regional Government fulfills 70% of its daily needs from Turkey. But on the other hand, it talked about punishing the Barzani administra­tion, not the people of the region. How can be this possible by blocking the transporta­tion of food and medicine? If they do what they are saying, the victims will be none other than the people. There is going to be a human crisis between two people. If Barzani collapses the most fortified castle for Turkey in the region will also collapse. The PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] will fill the void in Northern Iraq like in northern Syria.

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