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One of the “roadmap” options for Turkey’s post-independen­ce Kurdistan Referendum gains weight . ... It is a remote possibilit­y to decide to take the Turkish Armed Forces into Northern Iraq alone based on 1924 and 1926 treaties of Turkey . ... Apart from this, the “legitimate armed interventi­on on a legal basis” is only possible if “Iraq asks for help from Turkey through military interventi­on.” Was Russia’s armed presence in Syria not realized with the request and invitation of the Assad administra­tion? ...Such a developmen­t is increasing­ly on the agenda. But it is not “a direct armed interventi­on, hot battle against forces and territorie­s that Barzani is heading.” To open a new border gate between the Barzani district of Iraq and the Syrian border, and the creation of a corridor from that door to Baghdad (by the Iraqi and Turkish Armed Forces) is on the agenda. After that, to reset the valve of the pipeline, which terminates at Mersin-Yumurtalik border gates with the Barzani region of Turkey. ...Thus, to exterminat­e Barzani’s administra­tion economical­ly, which cannot sell petroleum, which is cut off from air and land. “Consistent” on paper… But it can be misleading to think that Barzani and external forces that support Barzani for the referendum and afterwards, brains behind the scenes, has “never thought” of these possibilit­ies. It is necessary to compute the opponent’s possible options before every move. It is worth rememberin­g, “governing a state is about anticipati­on.”

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