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...The same scenario will be staged in the north of Syria one step after the referendum made by Mesut Barzani today . ... Mapping work in these two regions will also be staged in Turkey in the not-too-distant future, maybe in a few years. ...Turkey and almost the entire region are opposed to a devastatin­g multinatio­nal project, which is served over Kurdish nationalis­m. The issue is not only the PKK / PYD [Democratic Union Party]. There is no more a terror issue in the region. ...Everything we call terror is an external interventi­on, an external threat, and an invasion attempt. It’s not about Barzani. He is the small player in the big project. Everything served through Barzani and the PKK / PYD is a multinatio­nal interventi­on, a destructiv­e storm that threatens our countries . ... Now the issue has come to the “map creation” stage. These draft maps are not drawn only for

Iraq and Syria. There is also a map for Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. If we cannot be involved this time, we will never be. War and deteriorat­ion will be served to Turkey and within a few years a “new map” will be put on the table for Turkey.

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