Turkey can export human resources for system engineerin­g

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Cenk Ceylan underl nes Turkey’s success n export ng eng neer ng serv ces by say ng “We export our human resources and eng neer ng know-how.” A system ntegrator, based n Bursa, wh ch uses Rockwell Automat on’s products and solut ons, s respons ble for 80% of ts exports to Europe, says Ceylan. Apart from Europe, Rockwell Turkey also conducted automat on eng neer ng for a g ant nfrastruct­ure project n

Jordan: for a

350-k lometer p pel ne. “The longest water p pel ne n the world s n the Mudavvara reg on of Jordan and Turk sh eng neers at Rockwell Automat on conducted the automat on eng neer ng for th s g ant nfrastruct­ure project,” he says. Underl n ng the project’s 1- to 3.5-added value for the Turk sh economy, Ceylan says focus ng on ndustr al automat on eng neer ng serv ces s s gn f cant for Turkey n the way that Ind a focuses on software eng neer ng. “Thereby, Turkey can become a reg onal hub for ndustr al automat on, tak ng the necessary steps and should renew ts eng neer ng educat on system accord ngly.” Ceylan bel eves Poland and the Czech

Republ c are the two b ggest country r vals to Turkey regard ng eng neer ng serv ces. He says Turk sh eng neers are no worse than European ones and the cost of eng neer ng n Europe s much h gher. In add t on, Turk sh eng neers can solve any problem that a European eng neer can solve, he says, add ng, “Turkey can export human resources n ndustr al automat on.”

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