Tekno Ray Solar invests $85M in power plants

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Tekno Ray Solar, which operates in the solar energy systems and solar power plant installati­on fields with Tekno Group, is investing a total of $85 million in a 70-megawatts (MW) project comprising solar power plants in 14 different regions. The Turkish company is striving to connect its existing projects to the network by the end of 2017. “We are aiming to engage the Solar Energy Power Plant (GES) with at least 100 MW power next year,” Mehmet Ozenbas, deputy general manager at Tekno Ray Solar, told the daily DUNYA.

Stating that developmen­ts in solar energy systems are continuing at an increasing rate in every region of the world, Ozenbas said work on projects at the business developmen­t stage in Africa and the Middle East is ongoing as well as in Brazil, Italy, America, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Turkey. “Together with our Italian partner we have a portfolio of over 900 MW in total and maintenanc­e services in excess of 500 MW,” said Ozenbas.

He added that serious investment is being made in solar energy plants on a global basis. “Taking more responsibi­lity from local administra­tions in the framework of laws and authoritie­s on the installati­ons of the solar energy systems both on the ground and on the roof, could increase the speed of establishm­ent of solar energy systems” he said. Emphasizin­g the importance of unlicensed electricit­y production, Ozenbas said: “The usage of unlicensed electricit­y is at an important point for all the distributi­on network participan­ts in industrial, commercial and domestic use to meet their electricit­y needs more easily, decrease the loss of the network and increase energy quality.”

‘Bureaucrat c obstacles should be reduced’

Ozenbas pointed out that the sector would be improved with a reduction of bureaucrat­ic obstacles related to roof projects, especially to increase renewable energy production. He added that regulation­s aiming to encourage investors to the sector would accelerate the global market and underlined that efforts to finish projects by the end of 2017 due to loomiing increases in distributi­on costs and unit prices have caused the sector problems. Stating that around 1000 MW of solar power plants were put into service in the four years until the end of 2016, Ozenbas said: “In 2017, our sector is working to achieve around 1000 MW of GES in a year. We are aiming to reach in one year a total volume that usually takes four.”

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