Who s runn ng Turkey’s M ddle East pol cy?

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Actually, nowadays there seems to be a lack of strategy and d rect on n Turk sh fore gn pol cy, wh ch s not conf ned to the M ddle East. It seems that rather than hav ng a stable strategy, the current pol cy seems no more than the government reg ster ng react ons to mmed ate events or developmen­ts on a come what may bas s. Th s mode often leads to contrad ctory statements and act ons that render understand ng of what the pol cy s d ff cult. One day you appear to have an extremely host le relat onsh p w th a ne ghbor ng country, the next day you are the best of fr ends. Somet mes you want to jo n the Shangha Cooperat on Organ zat on, somet mes you are the closest fr end of the EU. W th the US, you are s multaneous­ly strateg c all es and adversar es. Th s po nts to a bas c lack of strategy, wh ch often happens f the conduct of fore gn pol cy s left to a few nd v duals rather than major government agenc es respons ble for formulat ng and mplement ng fore gn pol cy. If pol cy s not made w th n nst tut onal zed frameworks w th major nput or adv ce from government agenc es, sudden sh fts, contrad ct ons and costly m stakes become nev table.

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