He had to leave through an election


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...This ‘non-electoral change,’ in other words, ‘invalid out the elected without an election’ was implemente­d for the first time in Istanbul. Their “Brother Kadir” [former Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas, who resigned) for many years, faced an operation at the city council by his own party. Topbas retired from office because the party did not stand up for him . ... What has happened to these democratic, anti-democratic interventi­on differenti­ations? If someone else did the same, the AK Party would set the Thames on fire. They would ramble on, saying: “It disrespect­s national will,” “Millions of votes were seized,” and “Elected ones go with election.” ...[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan had once talked about “putting aside those involved in corruption.” … The punishment of corruption should not be letting them comfortabl­y spend aside. It is the prison dormitory, where people who abuse their authority to steal have to be placed . ... Kadir Topbas felt raw about it and resigned. But is it easy to get out of the sticky arm for [Ankara Mayor Melih] Gokcek, who is known for his broad back? Even if he gets away, does he deserve the same fate as Topbas?

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