What is the Middle East vision of Muslims?


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I think everybody has a Middle East project. The United States’ Great Middle

East Project has been spoken of for years . ... Israel is in pursuit of Promised Land. ...Russia took the opportunit­y of the US’ confusion and incoherenc­e and landed in the hot waters of the Mediterran­ean, which it had been dreaming of for years. Then settled on Syria . ... In Gaddafi’s Arab League meeting in 2008, he made a speech to all leaders: “...We all waited in our paddock while they were hanging Saddam. Saddam was a friend of America but hung by them. Now, as a friend of the US, who will be hung this time?… We are enemies to each other. I’m sorry to say that. We hate each other; we fool each other. We are delighted with each other’s problems behind doors and we are trapping each other.” ...Gaddafi was taken over by France and the US, and in three years was murdered. I think his destiny will come to many Muslim leaders . ... Muslims have no vision for the Middle East. Turkey is one of the only countries that will lead such an idea. But there is no sound from here either. I do not know whether our state has a Middle East vision. What is sad is that there is no other debate other than [Devlet] Bahceli’s absurd idea of sending 5,000 nationalis­ts to Kirkuk . ... What a treasure. This is not going to be like that, I’m sure. Will we see? I’m not sure.

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