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...Only a few years ago, the Peshmerga forces of Mesud Barzani were going to help the PYD, who was fighting ISIS, over Turkey under the supervisio­n of the state. Today, the PYD is called terorrist. Yesterday, they were acclaiming Barzani by saying, “Turkey is proud of you,” at the AK Party congresses; today the same people are chanting “we may come unexpected­ly at night” whenever his name is pronounced. This time last year, [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan was saying to the Iraqi prime minister, “You are not even my interloccu­ter, you are not at my level, you are not [level with] my qualificat­ions.” ...In those times, relations with Russia were bad. The Russian Defense Ministry accused Erdogan and his family of transferri­ng ISIS petrol to Turkey. Iraq’s prime minister Ibadi also said that ISIS had smuggled oil through Turkey. Iranian officials were saying, “At our disposal, there is evidence of ISIS’ oil shipment to Turkey.” ...Yesterday, Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar was in Iran. During his visit to the Iranian General Staff, the 38th verse of a surah was reflected on the computer screens in Turkish and Persian: “O believers, have you been stuck at times when it was said ‘Go to war together in Allah’s way!’” ...Just like that. oil bargain on one hand, religious abuse on the other.

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