Zorlu to focus on Asian Middle Eastern markets

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey’s Zorlu Energy Group, along w th the As an Developmen­t Bank, w ll launch an energy company n Duba to nvest n the As an and M ddle Eastern energy sector, Zorlu Energy head sa d on Oct. 10. Speak ng at 8th Turkey Energy Summ t n Antalya, S nan Ak, Turkey’s Zorlu Energy Group, sa d the group plans to d vers fy nto other energy markets over the next f ve years. “Solar energy, geothermal and w nd energy, n part cular, w ll be our pr or ty for nvestments n As an and M ddle Eastern countr es,” he sa d. Th s d vers f cat on plan to nvest outs de of Turkey comes after the group’s substant al nvestments of around $800 m ll on n d fferent sectors from electr c ty d str but on to clean energy n Turkey.

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