Ratio of illiterate and unemployed youths increasing daily

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According to July figures released by TurkStat, 29.3% of youths – 5.3 million – out of 18 million Turks aged 15-29 neither studies nor works. These youngsters are called “vagrant youths” or “empty youths.” There are 6.3 million youths aged between 15-19, 3.2 million of which continue to study, 845,000 youths work and 925,000 youths both study and work. That leaves around 1.3 million youths who “goof off,” so to speak, and neither study nor work. That means 20 youths in every 100 aged between 15-19 do nothing at all. What a desperate situation. As they grow old and complete their studies, they then face the reality of not being able to secure employment. Therefore, the share of 15- to 19-year-olds without a job or not studying soars to 34% for the 20-24 age group and to 35% for those aged 25-29. These are all figures based on the registered total population. Taken from a gender-related aspect there is a whole different story. The ratio of Turkish females who are illiterate and unemployed is far below that of Turkish men.

3.8 million unemployed young women

TurkStat data indicates the dramatic state of unemployme­nt in Turkish women. A 43% share of 8.9 million females aged between 15-29 – some 3.8 million – neither studies nor works.

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