Will of the people not enough for an independen­t state


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Mesut Barzani is not an adolescent politician …He is the continuati­on of the names who have directed the fate of Kurds for generation­s. And his attempt at independen­ce through the referendum can be perceived as a faithful gift to the memory of Mustafa Barzani, his father, who is one of the actors of the Republic of Mahabad. However, it seems that Barzani could not learn from the disastrous result of that short-lived republic. He supposed that in order to establish a state in this geographic­al area, it was enough for people to declare willpower alone. He has not seen it necessary for both the great states and the countries of the region to consent to this institutio­n. Let’s take a look at the US… Donald Trump says that in Kirkuk they are not involved in the tension between the Baghdad administra­tion and the KRG. The US Department of Defense is also calling on the central Iraqi government and the KRG in Iraq not to escalate the tension. So the US support that Barzani was assured is now shifting to the Baghdad administra­tion. Take home message: Politics in this geography is never a daily undertakin­g. Politician­s, who can’t evaluate the past and the present well, will get their people into trouble.

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