Chinese energy company to build largest base plant in Turkey

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey s work ng toward l beral z ng ts energy market to help structure a free market. The Electr c Market Regulat on ssued n 2001 and updated n 2013 s the major step to fac l tate t. There are several global players l ke E.ON, EDF subs d ar es, OMV, Shell and SHV Hold ng (Ipragaz), CEZ and Gazprom. Equ pment suppl ers such as General Electr c, S emens Gamesa, Hanwha, Vestas, Enercon, Nordex, Y ngl Solar and

F rst Solar are well pos t oned to penetrate the market w th many others. In add t on, European, the US, South Korean and Ch nese (EPC) compan es are e ther hold ng talks to enter the market or prepar ng for t.

Ch nese compan es are more nterested n tak ng part n the Turk sh energy market. There are already many Ch nese suppl ers that have worked as subcontrac­tors or prov ded parts for thermal and hydro power plants n the country. However, one n part cular, the Ch nese Shangha Electr c Power Co, has ser ously comm tted to work ng n Turkey, accord ng to Mehmet Kara, Energy Ed tor for the da ly DUNYA. The company w ll bu ld the Hunutlu Integrated Thermal Plant n Yumurtal k, Adana through ts subs d ary Emba Elektr k. The 1,320 MW plant to be establ shed for $1.7 b ll on, w ll be among the largest base plants n the country. The Ch nese company and ts local partner have b gger amb t ons n the market. The plant w ll employ 4,000 people for ts construct on and 500 afterwards. It w ll work 8,000 hours a year and w ll produce more than 11 b ll on kWh electr c ty annually. The plant w ll have the longest ava lab l ty, though t requ res mported coal to work w th, wh ch suffers from volat le pr ces due to fore gn exchange fluctuat ons. The company w ll have the advantage of scale and technology and has to bu ld a game plan regard ng nternat onal coal commod ty pr ces.

To be more act ve n the market, the company s expected to take part n the energy d str but on sector and make new acqu s t ons as new steps. EMBA and ts partners could seek opportun t es and prov de new generat on solut ons n wholesale and reta l electr c ty trade and supply s gnals.

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