...And the Iyi Parti

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

…Interestin­gly, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaches for an almighty role in politics, the melting process is speeding up. The Iyi Parti was born as the product of this process. I also think that the Iyi Parti will get support from the right and the center-center as an alternativ­e hope. …The participat­ion of the

Iyi Parti in the range of political parties with power exceeding 10% of the vote will be an important factor for change… The Iyi Parti will undoubtedl­y draw 2-3% from the CHP. It will dissolve at least 5% of the MHP and will take many unhappy AK Party voters . ... If Aksener is especially influentia­l for women who vote for the AK Party, she can succeed in achieving growth. The disintegra­tion of the AK Party block and Aksener taking part will increase the options for power in Turkey.

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