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score ncreased to 69.14 from 67.98 wh le the reg onal average DTF n the Europe and Central As a was 71.33, the report sa d. DTF measure shows the d stance of each economy to the “front er,” wh ch represents the best performanc­e observed on each of the nd cators across all econom es. An economy’s DTF s reflected on a scale from 0 (lowest) to 100 (front er).

The bank noted that Turkey showed the b ggest mprovement n the “gett ng cred t” tem, reach ng a 55 score on the DTF – up from 45 – to stand at 77th place among all countr es surveyed. “Turkey strengthen­ed access to cred t by adopt ng a new law on secured transact ons that establ shes a un f ed collateral reg stry and allows out-of-court enforcemen­t of collateral,” t sa d.

On the deter orat on s de, “resolv ng nsolvency” s the only cr ter on n wh ch Turkey recorded a decl ne – lower ng ts DTF score to 33.26 from 34.98 to arr ve at 139th place. “Turkey made resolv ng nsolvency more d ff cult by suspend ng appl cat ons for postponeme­nt of bankruptcy procedures ntroduced both before and dur ng the state of emergency,” the bank sa d.

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