‘The target is not Turkey,’ but...


Dünya Executive - - POLITICS -

...Once more they have an ear to the ground. They are trying to find out where they will connect the formations in Saudi Arabia to Turkey. They are ready to set the river on fire but they can not find the material to do so because the target is not Turkey . ... The target is to surround Iran and radical religious movements, to short-circuit their influence in the region, to clip their wings. But does this mean we can be at ease? No! The process that will also affect us has begun. Turkey will be forced to choose sides in this IranianSau­di polarity, which looks like a sectarian conflict. We are fast approachin­g the fork in the road . ... The target will be Hezbollah, if the battlefiel­d is Lebanon. Turkey has come to the same area as Hashidi Shabi in Kirkuk, Hezbollah and the Revolution­ary Guards in Syria . ... It seems Turkey is one of the founders of the Islamic army under Saudi leadership . ... God forbid, we can not be deployed on two opposing fronts if a devastatin­g Sunni-Shiite war breaks out… As we have already taken the option not to be a party in existing conflicts… We will be forced to choose sides and it won’t be easy.

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