Has the state become Zarrab’s protector?

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They put a sack over Turkish soldiers’ heads; they captured them… They have not turned a hair . ... The panic level increased when Prime Minister Binali Yildirim returned empty-handed from the US . ... It is now generally accepted in Ankara that Reza Zarrab is a confessor . ... I spoke with an important person in Ankara who is closely following the case. I will give a brief summary of what he said. “...Talks between Zarrab and X and Habbani in the indictment all took place. They are all proof of how the banking system was defrauded, how the embargo was broken. ...Zarrab had made a deal. There are six Turkish banks here that are said to have broken the embargo because there are EFTs there. It’s not just the gold trading business here in Iran, there is also a Dubai and China dimension. There are EFTs coming from foreign banks. There are EFTs to X and to other banks for breaking the embargo. It is probable that the X bank will be punished. The US will absolutely want something from Turkey in order not to punish others. This is normal. The US has no business with $20-30 billion. One of the goals of the US is to politicall­y blame the Turkish government. There will be something else after this. The US says that the revenue obtained as a result of this broken embargo is the money used in the financing of the Iranian revolution­ary guards. The US also view the revolution­ary guards as terrorists so this can be perceived as the financing of terror.”

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