Twin targets of the Zarrab case


The US is always doing this. The most important thing is that we should not have allowed the US to over Reza Zarrab. They gave (PKK leader) Abdullah Ocalan to Turkey and they took Fetullah Gulen who has been used against Turkey since the day he arrived on American soil. Zarrab has been their second trump card after Gulen. The Zarrab operation has two aims. Firstly, the target on a political front is President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Secondly, it wants to hit the Turkish economy with penalties that will be settled by the banks. In this respect Dec. 4, the date the case will be heard, is critical. There will be a ripple on Dec. 4 but do not expect a big storm. If they can succeed, the AK Party plans to make a big operation before the 2019 presidenti­al elections. Let’s say it once again with the famous slogan of the Gezi protests, “The problem is not just Reza Zarrab, friend, have you still not understood?

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