Out of the frying pan into the fire

Dünya Executive - - POLITICS - T24.COM NOV. 21 AHMET SEVER

Of course, to demonstrat­e Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Ataturk and President Erdogan among the enemy targets in NATO’s exercise in Norway is of course a scandal... And rightly so, the hardest response was made, apologies mounted up, and an officer of Turkish origin was fired from the army… However the picture that emerges after this incident is thought-provoking... The demands on getting out of NATO. foreign policy can not be carried out by people lashing out. Did we not demand a patriot missile system from

NATO against a oossibl[e chemical missile attack from Syria in 2012? ...Who was strongly opposed to this? Russia ... ... Foreign policy will not tolerate such sharp zigzags ... ... As soon as Turkey moves away from the West, it will become more an more dependent on Putin… This is also the Putin’s goal. Erdogan has boarded Putin’s vehicle and is taking Turkey to the unknown… Shall we get on Erdogan’ vehicle?

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