Global wealth ncreased by 6.4% n year to m d-2017

Dünya Executive - - BUSINESS -

►Driven not only by equity markets, but also significan­t increase in non-financial wealth, a significan­t increase in wealth across the globe was observed.

►Global wealth has grown by $16.7 trillion to $280 trillion, a rise of 6.4%. ►US-dollar-millionair­es increased by 2.3 million, almost half of whom reside in the US. ►Partially due to a 3% rise in the value of the euro against the US dollar, 620,000 new dollar-millionair­es were noted in the main eurozone countries Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

►Another 200,000 joined in Australia and about the same number appeared in China and India together.

►A decline was seen in millionair­e numbers in very few countries, mostly those associated with depreciati­ng currencies: the UK lost 34,000 and Japan more than 300,000.

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