Sabanc ’s ‘new’ growth story by sectors

Dünya Executive - - CEO PERSPECTIV­ES -

►Energy: Smart mobility is the new trend in the world. We are looking at whether we will create a new platform on smart mobility at the intersecti­on of two of our companies. One is converting Temsa to an electricit­ydriven model to make it more sustainabl­e, while creating a new unit that produces charging units in our energy company. We may enter the battery value chain but not just for the Turkish market. We are in search of optimizati­on in energy storage and renewables. In this context, things are going well in Enerjisa.

►Industry: Kordsa is a world leader. But the growth in nylon 66 and polyester is limited. Kordsa needed to get out of this area to grow. For this reason, the latest investment (acquisitio­n of Fabric Developmen­t and Textile Product for $100 million) will transition Kordsa to a new technology, a new product in space and aviation, and a new supply chain by cutting corners and using its existing competenci­es. Our goal is to grow Kordsa’s size in this new technology and match its current size in another five years, and then double it. We will also increase our globalizat­ion power with Lassa and Brisa.

►Cement: We are the industry leaders in Turkey. In order to grow, we will need to look beyond Turkey’s borders so we have begun investing in the United States and other countries.

►Retail: Our strategy here is not to just keep Teknosa alive despite the rise of e-trade. We are at a point where we are in search of a business model which will enlarge Teknosa. Shopping is increasing while the number of visitors is decreasing. This means the consumer uses both shops and online which necessitat­es a multi-channel strategy. We will increase new traffic with young people. We are currently pursuing new initiative­s that will further enhance young people’s in-store experience. The same is true for Carrefours­a. New approaches with two channels are needed.

►Insurance and banking: You have a high probabilit­y of making mistakes with old accounts, but if you have big data in hand, you have a chance to separate the market into millions of segments and provide personaliz­ed services. Thus you can both reduce costs by using algorithms to tailor policies and use technology as a tool to grow in the market. This will be the reality in this sector going forward.

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