The current account deficit grows in November

Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

Turkey’s current account def c t ncreased n November to $4.2 b ll on from $3.7 b ll on n October, data from the Central Bank of the Republ c of Turkey showed on Jan. 12. The def c t was forecast to r se to $3.85 b ll on. The trade def c t also w dened to $3.4 b ll on from $2.96 b ll on. In add t on, the balance on trade n goods, serv ces and pr mary ncome showed a shortfall of $4.45 b ll on versus a def c t of $4 b ll on n October wh le secondary ncome fell to $255 m ll on from $264 m ll on. The cap tal account logged a def c t of $1 b ll on for the second stra ght month n November.

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